Welcome to the Dolmage Tree Farm.

We are passionate about trees. Our first trees were planted in 1981 on the family farm my grandparents started in 1920.  We grow trees for their beauty and sustainability; including many varieties of Maples, Pears and Oaks.  All of our seedlings are purchased from certified growers.  Every spring we hand plant the tree seedlings while watching the weather carefully to provide the best beginning possible.  As soon as they are planted we thoroughly water them in to reduce shock and give them the best possible start.  In the fall trees are hand pruned to assure the most attractive shape.  We are inspected annually by the State of Iowa and will not sell you a tree if we do not think it will flourish at your specific location.

We grow trees, no shrubs no plants just the best trees for central Iowa. With more than thirty years of experience, we are confident that trees purchased from Dolmage Tree Farm will provide you many years of beauty.  Typically our trees have ten years of growth before they are available for sale.  All our trees are moved with tree spades. We will only allow the tree spades to plant trees when the weather is cooler. We will happily connect you with high quality tree spade operators to assure your selection is planted correctly.

We are committed to our trees and our customers. If you ever have any questions about your trees please contact us. We would love to share our passion for trees with you. Call us at 515-556-3882 or send us an email: denny@dolmagetreefarm.com