Kevin Fergerson

We had a great experience with Dolmage tree farms!  Denny took the time to come out to our house take a look at the location for the tree, took the proper measurements to make sure the spade truck would fit, educated me and my family on the right tree for what we were looking for, and spent time at his farm determining which tree we liked the most.  Denny worked with us every step of the way.  All the while Denny was very personable and you could tell the level of care he has for his trees and making sure each customer determines what is best.  I was going to consider other tree farms but after the level of customer service Denny displayed I felt convinced this was the tree farm I wanted to purchase from.  After talking to other people who have purchased trees I soon realized that the pricing of the trees is very reasonable.  If you are looking to purchase a tree look no further than Dolmage Tree Farm.  You will appreciate the trees and genuine experience.

Charles Chedester

Just purchased a nice sized tulip tree & got it delivered/installed! We greatly appreciated the guidance when choosing our tree and on how to best help it thrive for the first year or two. Thx so much & we will be back!

Bret Bell

Great trees at a great price. The Autumn Blaze is a beautiful shade of red. Wonderful addition to our yard.
Thanks Denny.

Katie Sell

Thank you for all of your help with selecting the trees for our new home.  We were having our coffee this morning and looked out the front window on this lovely fall day.  There is a gorgeous autumn radiance maple in the front yard that is truly the prettiest color I have ever seen.  We were impressed with the variety and quality of trees at your farm.  You really took your time with us and helped us to pick two trees that make our house look like a home.  Thank you for everything!  We will recommend you to all of our friends, family and clients.

From the Waukee Patch 11/17/11:

dolmagetreefarm-denny-trimming-199x300Every fall morning, Denny Dolmage pours himself a cup of coffee and steps off his deck, headed out into the Dolmage Tree Farm. With dew droplets clinging to his shoes, Dolmage walks through the rows of trees, admiring the brilliant colors of fall and checking the trees.

A habit he learned from his father, Leonard, a life-long farmer, Dolmage admits that he cherishes the time he spends out in his tree nursery.Click here to read the rest of the article




Andy Campbell

Chanticleer-Pear250HChanticleer-Pear250H“My wife and I moved to a new development area in Waukee. We are both from country houses where we are use to large trees and the benefits that come with them (shade, birds, animals). Living in suburbia, there aren’t a lot of trees so we needed large trees. We contacted Denny and from the moment we spoke with him we knew we were buying from him. His passion towards the trees was undeniable so we knew we would be getting great trees. We ended up getting two maples, a red oak, and a chanticleer pear and we absolutely love them. We couldn’t be happier with them. Denny even checks in every now and then to make sure they are still growing properly. I am glad that if I need more trees in the future, I know exactly where to go!



Ben McDougal

Dolmage-tree-rows-300x225“The Dolmage Tree Farm is unique. We recently built a new home within an established WDM neighborhood. Thanks to Denny and his beautiful selection of HUGE trees, our brand new house now has the biggest trees on the block!

Denny warned us that our neighbors would be asking where we got such amazing trees and he was right. They’ve made our new backyard an instant oasis.

Denny has become a good friend and trusted resource. He will hear what you’re looking to achieve, educate you on ways to succeed, and then follow through to make sure each tree is well cared for in its new home.”



Joan Southard

dolmagetreefarm-denny-leaves-300x198“I purchased three very big trees from Dolmage Tree Farm.
They are beautiful.

Denny picked me up and drove me around through the farm, so I could see and pick what I wanted. I picked two Maple and one Bradford Pear. 

Denny is very courteous and professional, and I would highly recommend him .